Friday, September 20, 2013

Check another procedure off the list

Yesterday morning Tom and I dragged ourselves out of bed at 5am (not really any earlier than normal) and put Tera in the car to head down to Evanston Hospital for Tera's endoscopy.  It was questionable at times whether or not she would be healthy enough to be put under, but in the end she managed to hold out and she got it done.

I have to say, I was rather impressed with the setup and the staff at the hospital.  The two times Tera has had tubes put in and had to be put under I opted to take her to Children's Memorial just because I felt more comfortable there if something happened to go wrong.  This time it wasn't an option and so we went to instead.  When we got there the nurse set us up in a room across from the playroom so Tera could play while we waited for them to come and bring her back.  It was a really nice playroom; complete with two kitchen sets, a train set, tons of books, coloring paper, strollers, a wagon, and many more things.  She was completely occupied the whole time we waited.  When they did bring her back to the pre-op room, the anesthesiologist came and talked to us.  He never rushed or hurried through any of her history, asked if we had any concerns, and even ordered a breathing treatment before the procedure just as a precaution.  Then her doctor came to see us and told us she'd be going back shortly.

While she was getting her nebulizer treatment we showed Tera an episode of Sesame Street on my phone.  The anesthesiologist came over to talk to us again and at that point asked what it was she watching so he could open it up on his phone to help distract her when they brought her back.  It was one of the nicest things I've ever had a doctor offer, and it totally worked.  She was back there for about 45 minutes when they came to get me to bring me back to recovery.  When I walked back there two nurses, one pushing a wheelchair and the other one in the wheelchair holding Tera, greeted me.  As they handed my crying girl over to me they explained that she had been calling for "mama" when she woke up.  It both melted and broke my heart.  They had me sit in the wheelchair with her as they took us back to the recovery area.

At that point, the nurse that had been holding her pushed Tera and I in the wheelchair around the recovery area, just trying to help soothe Tera and help her calm down until a person from transportation came to take us back to her room where Tom was waiting.  Once she saw Tom she calmed down a little, but mostly it was my sweet baby looking at pictures of her baby cousins that eventually calmed her down.  I wish I could explain how much she loves those little girls, but it's really something you just have to see.

Anyway, she did fine and they sent us home around 9:45.  I'd like to say the rest of the day went without incident, bu that just wouldn't be Tera-like.  Instead she threw up twice, ran a fever for several hours, almost made us think we would have to take her back to the ER, and then miraculously recovered and exhausted us for the remainder of the evening.

So one more procedure to add to Tera's resume.  In fact speaking of Tera's resume, I have to start working on exactly that; a history of Tera's health since birth for when we meet with her new team when she transitions to Early Childhood in February.  I should probably start that soon.

We should get the results of the biopsy in about 7 to 10 days and hopefully know what's causing her spitting up issues.  In the grand scheme of things it almost doesn't seem worth it for her to have gone through this for what seems to be a fairly minor issue, but I also know my daughter and her history and I'd rather we know what's going on than try to guess in the future.  Besides, she's the toughest kid I know; what's a little biopsy and camera down the throat at two and a half?

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