Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18 of Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

I have been awake since a little after 2am this morning and am running on less than four hours of sleep.  Due to some circumstances beyond my control last night, I was unable to post.  And due to my severe lack of sleep last night, my vision is blurry, and I may not be able to form coherent thoughts.  But I would like to list some of the things that I have learned as a parent in the last two and a half years.  These are in no particular order other than in the order in which they popped into my head.

1.)  I can fit in a toddler bed.  I can't sleep in it, but I can lay in it.

2.)  I have super sonic hearing.  This is actually a combination of being a teacher and a mom.  I developed my teacher ears over the past 11 years and can pretty much hear anything that is being said in my classroom.   As a mom it means I can detect changes in breathing, tiny little foot steps, and the never-ending change in positions all night long.

3.)  I can sing the same song about 100 times if it means less crying, whining, or falling asleep at an inopportune time on the part of my child.

4.)  Somebody else's poop, pee, and vomit are not as disgusting as they used to be (as long as they in fact belong to my child.  And as a side note, I've developed the ridiculous reflex of putting my hand out to catch vomit, even when it will do little to no good

5.) I can function at work on very little sleep, lots of stress, and constant worry.

6.)  I have developed the most irrational fears that occur at the most inconvenient of times. For example: my child, though sleeping quite soundly, must be freezing to the point of harming herself because she has kicked off her blankets once again.  And she must be covered again even though I know she will do it again.

7.)  That life will not necessarily get easier, it will just present different challenges.

8.)  Kids will pick up bad habits much more quickly than good habits, and they will learn both from their  parents.

9.)  Just when you think things can't get worse, they do.  And when you think things will never get any better, they do.

10.)  I will never stop being amazed by the fact that Tom and I created such a perfect being and that I am in fact a mom (which Tom pointed out is official since I have tried to sleep in our two year old's bed).

11.)  I will always, on some level, worry that the television she is watching is not educational enough.

12.)  That while I would love to continue this list, and may continue in the next few days, I'm falling asleep as I type and so that would probably be a sign to go to sleep.

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