Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 23 of Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

So I swear I'm not getting lazy, but unfortunately things like bill paying, grading, and sleep have gotten in the way of some of my posts these last few days.  I'm hoping I can include some special posts in the next week or so to wrap up this month.

I always try to make sure I share how proud I am of our family and friends and how amazingly supportive they have always been of her and Tom and I.  When people comment and say they don't know how we handle everything with Tera, I usually tell them we do what we have to do.  I have read many accounts of parents of kids with DS whose families are either not near, or not supportive.  Sometimes the families don't understand DS and aren't willing to learn, sometimes they just don't feel comfortable with people in different situations, some people just feel pity and they don't know how hold a normal conversation without "feeling bad" for them.  Whatever the reason, I can honestly say I don't know of a single person in our entire extended family or group of friends that has come across that way.  We do what we have to do, but I really can't imagine doing it without our incredible support system.  And for that reason I wanted to include just a few of them in some posts.  I want everyone to understand just what a difference a support system can make to parents in a stressful situation.

Some of the special posts I'd like to share are from our family members.  When asked what they have learned from Tera and how she has changed the way they act or live, Tom's parents responded with:

Our little kukla has taught us that being a grandparent is a wonderful thing. She has filled our hearts with love and pride with everything she has been able to accomplish with her determination. She has also made us be more aware of the challenges some people have in life. I believe that knowledge has made us better people.

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