Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Health at the holidays

In the past few weeks I've been contemplating something that I think a lot of people wonder about.  Every year I hear and see how many people get sick around the holidays and this year was no different.  As I scrolled through my feed on Facebook it was one post after another about various illnesses hitting families and how much it sucks to be sick around the holidays.  My family was no different.  We had a series of unfortunate events plague us as well and it's made me think: do the holidays really seem to bring about more sickness, or is it, in my case, inevitable when I have such high expectations for the holiday season?

It's not that I have high expectations of myself or others at this time of year, I guess I just feel like I expect everything to be so perfect and wonderful and when something happens to threaten that, it hits me harder than it normally would.  I don't even feel bad for myself, I truly am upset for those loved ones whose holiday is not as spectacular as I would have hoped it to be for them.  I am incredibly grateful to our family and friends who are always there for us and I always just want them to have a holiday that they deserve.

Basically I guess I wonder do we make unfortunate circumstances even worse at the holidays because we have a heightened sense of wanting everything to be perfect? I can't answer that for everyone of course, but I think that may be partially true.  On the other hand, because everyone drives themselves so crazy at this time of year trying to make everything so perfect, they often wear themselves down and sometimes illness almost seems inevitable.

Unfortunately this year, in my family, it wasn't only illness that affected us.  But starting around Thanksgiving things just started happening and while I don't feel the whole holiday season was bad, some events took their toll on the holiday spirit.  I also feel like it made the closeness of my family and friends all that more special and in the true spirit of the holidays, that is what it is all about.

So I sit here on this last afternoon of 2013, with a mind busy pondering all aspects of my life.  Grateful for what I have, appreciative of what we've been able to enjoy as a family, ready to welcome in the new year with good friends; but also very conscious of some of the lower times this past year has brought.  I'm not dwelling on them, but I am conscious of them.  The temperature outside is brutal, the snow is falling, and I'm thankful for my warm home, mostly healthy daughter, incredibly supportive husband, and the food and company we're going to enjoy tonight.

Happy New Year to all, I appreciate the time you've taken to read what I've written in the past year and I hope I can continue to earn your time and support in the coming year.

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