Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bedtime. The dreaded, horrible, no good bedtime...

Wednesday night:
I'm currently listening to my child scream and cry hysterically from her room.  We put her to bed an hour ago.  We went through this for the second half of last week and then thought we had come across the solution: a light outside her bedroom.  It seemed to work like a charm.  We were able to put her bed after her nebulizer Saturday, Sunday, and Monday without incident.  Last night I had to go back up twice and then was finally able to sneak out.  Of course she then woke up later that night and Tom spent 45 minutes trying to get her back to sleep again.

Tonight we're right back to where we were last week.  She's literally screaming herself hoarse and almost to the point of throwing up.   If we go in there, she goes right back to bed and puts her head down and seemingly falls asleep.  But the second we try and leave her room, she's right back up again.  We've tried everything we can think of.  The light, soft music, no music, a stuffed animal, her weighted blanket, no blanket, sitting with her, letting her cry, giving her water, rocking her, etc.  We're at a loss and after spending an hour (so far, and what will probably be closer to two all said and done) we're exhausted.  It took me an hour to get to work this morning in the snow, it was a very busy, exhausting day, and then I came home so we could give her dinner, Tom could bathe her, I could pay bills, and now this.

I would venture to say, and I will grant you I'm being dramatic because I'm frustrated and tired, that there are few easy parts of this child.  She's not a bad kid by any means, she has her moments like most almost three year olds, but there aren't many things I would say are easy about her. Ok, she's a good eater, which from what I've heard can be an equally frustrating thing for a lot of parents of same-aged children out there.  And I'm not even claiming that she's the only one.  To all you other frustrated parents out there (and I know there are many) we understand.

The good old days.  She actually slept better as an infant...
The truly difficult thing for me to handle sometimes, is that it's not just that she doesn't do well at most other people's houses or in unrestrained areas of the public, or the new nightmare that is bedtime, or the throwing of things constantly, or her seeming inability to sit still, or that she's sick frequently, or that she has special
needs that need to be addressed by therapists which require evaluations, paperwork, emails, and appointments.  It's not any one of these things or more that I'm not remembering right now, it's all of it together.  And once again, I'm not by any means trying to say that she's not like a lot of other kids, I'm just saying it's hard.  Sometimes, it's really hard and I truly don't know how to handle it.  Like bedtime right now.

Thursday night:
I do believe we've come to the conclusion that she's scared.  But we don't know what else to try.   Eventually, after an hour (or so it seemed) of crying last night, I went back up stairs, rocked her back to sleep, tiptoed out of her room, and she slept the whole night.  Tonight I decided to try going to sleep with her in her bed (yes, we were both in the toddler bed together again).  After about a half hour and deciding she was sound asleep, I crawled as gracefully as I could out of her bed, walked out of her room and downstairs.  There was no sound.  But within ten minutes she was awake again and Tom is up there once again trying to get her back to sleep.

I know I've said this before, but we're out of ideas! Anybody? Anything???

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