Sunday, April 27, 2014

Some good and some not quite as good things...

Do I share the good or the bad tonight? Since I never know what a week will bring and when I'll have time, I'll do both.  I always prefer the bad news first, to get it out of the way.  And this isn't really bad news anyway, that's a tad over-dramatic.

Tera seems to somewhat slowly and rather inconsistently be getting sick.  Her appetite is off, a cough has begun and it sounds nasty, and she's a little more tired and irritable than usual.  But only sometimes.  At school last week no one commented on anything out of the ordinary, except her appetite, and her cough was non-existent during the day.  But as I write this, I find myself cringing with every cough I hear as she sleeps upstairs.

Many people think I'm pessimistic when it comes to Tera's health.  I like to think based on her track record, I'm pretty realistic.  To some the fact that she hasn't been really sick this winter (except of course a sinus infection, strep throat, and an ear infection) means that she might be getting better.  I tend to think it just means it's inevitably going to happen again soon.  And this cough doesn't reassure me otherwise.  At this time last year she was just getting over having viral pneumonia; which was the worst of the five times she's had it.  Now she hasn't had it since November, which might be the longest streak she's had.  As we've been down this road many times before, we have different modes.  Right now we're in prevention mode; we keep an extra close eye on her symptoms, monitor her temperature, add the Albuterol back into her nebulizer, and hope for the best.  Only time will tell how long we stay in this mode, or transition to another.

Another fun little realization we're having is that Tera may very well be entering the terrible two's.  Now you may remember that she actually turned three at the end of February, but she also has that pesky extra chromosome that likes to mess with her development.  At her IEP meeting, they put her at around 18 to 24 months developmentally, which means she'd just be starting this fun little phase.  And of course, a developmental delay wouldn't be complete if it didn't last longer than phases in typical kids.  For now it seems to be more tantrums for little reason and they last longer.  We've decided just to let her spend that time in her room until she calms down.  And honestly, she seems to come out of there a little sweeter than when she went in.

And now for the good news.  I sent Tera's teacher an email last week to check on her progress.  Here's what she had to say.

Hi Mrs. Theodore,

Tera has been doing very well in school!  We love having her in class :)
She puts her best effort forth in all activities.  She especially enjoys
fine motor tasks like cutting paper, tracing over her name, and gluing
artwork together.  We are using fading hand-over-hand prompts during these
tasks.  We noticed that she has an increased attention span during our
circle time (large group time).  She is beginning to sit with the group
for the duration of the activity, with occasional reminders to wait her
turn.  During choice play time, Tera enjoys pretending to be the teacher
and loves to play in the kitchen area :)  She is now pretty familiar with
the classroom routine and daily schedule.  She knows where her cubby is,
hangs up her coat and unpacks her backpack.

We have noticed that lately she has been chewing on her sleeve and her
hand.  We give her objects to hold to distract her from chewing on her
hand/sleeve.  When we are standing in line, sometimes she will push if
other children get in her space, otherwise, we do not see any aggressive
behavior.  We do have sensory materials in the classroom as well
(trampoline, squish ball, squeeze machine) that the children have access
to if they need a sensory break.  It's great that you are implementing
these at home as well.

I wanted to also mention that Tera is sitting on the potty and trying,
however, her diaper is usually wet by the time we get to the bathroom.
Tera is signing for diaper and potty.  Her daycare mentioned that she is
using the potty.

Tera is signing and making word approximations more often at school as
well.  I'm glad that it's is carrying over at home :)

Needless to say, we're pretty proud of her and her progress in just a few months.

So there it is, the good and the not so good.  But we're hanging in for now...

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