And I'm doing this because...

I have always been a person who finds journaling theraputic. By nature I am an overthinker and a worrier not to mention easily stressed and overly anxious. Yes, I'm also neurotic. But I like to think these things add to my charm. My husband may disagree....So when I get anxious or stressed I like to write everything down and then usually when I'm done, I feel much better.

In addition to it helping me, I use this blog to describe my journey with a daughter with Down Syndrome and another one that was born twelve weeks premature. I have learned a LOT since they were born and I would like to share any information, but really, more my experiences with them. There are many times when Tera is just like any other toddler and I'm experiencing the same thing any parent of any typical child might experience, but there are many times when that one extra little chromosome changes my outlook, my mood, and really, our way of life as a family.

So that's why I'm doing this.